First off, I have to thank you wonderful readers for pointing me to Robin McKinley. I never would have stumbled across her work if you hadn’t all been discussing Deerskin while All Fur has been posting to the site. Rest assured, I plan to read Deerskin as soon as I return from Anime Boston this coming weekend. It’s sitting on my desk begging me to dive into it.

“Cannot a Beast be tamed?”

Beauty by Robin McKinley is a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast. One of the things I really liked about the story was that rather than change the story it just enhanced the original with more depth and richness.

As usual, I love the fact that Beauty is such a strong and courageous female character who has more going on in her life than JUST romance. She has a personality and comes off as very likeable. I found it a fun twist that “Beauty” as she is nicknamed was a very plain looking girl who did not have to be beautiful on the outside to have the beauty on the inside win her the heart of the lead (Beast).

I think the only thing I found that bothered me was the ending. It was a GOOD ending and followed the original tale. However, it seemed to happen all to fast. The story had a lovely pacing and lead up to the climax, but it felt like it was over too soon. I wanted a wedding and a little sweet kissing for the couple! I demand MORE romance!

Also, though I hate to judge a book by it’s cover, it really is the first thing that sells a book to a potential reader. It has to catch your eye! I have to admit that if I had been in the bookstore and saw this on the shelf I would have passed it by. The cover of all of McKinley’s books are really boring and I wish there would be some romantic or enticing cover art to catch me. Maybe it’s just the reprints of the books. It makes me wonder how many other great books I am missing because the cover art isn’t called to me from the store bookshelves.

Overall, I enjoyed this book greatly and couldn’t put it down. I am very excited to read the other fairytale retellings and see how McKinley fairs.