Fans of Castle, Nathan Fillion, and/or folks who just like to see TV shows give nods to fairy tales themes, this week’s Castle episode has a fairy tale theme. “Once Upon a Crime – When two women are found dead dressed as fairytale characters, Castle and Beckett must race to find the killer before he strikes again.”

Castle is a crime drama-comedy series following Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion), fabulously popular crime novel author who shadows NYPD Detective Kate Beckett as research for his next book series. Of course, Beckett is completely annoyed by his presence at first, but slowly warms up to him as he proves himself useful. It’s a fun, playful story that really highlights Fillion’s awesomely twinkle-in-his-eye yeah-I-went-there humor. You can catch Castle on ABC Monday nights at 10pm.

Convention news: Gina will be appearing at MomoCon in Atlanta, GA on March 16-18. You will find her set up in the Dealer’s Room with lots of cool merchandise. She will also have some Erstwhile promo bookmarks. If you’re going to be at the convention, stop by the booth and pick one up.