Get ready because in a month’s time we will be launching the kickstarter for the long awaited final book in the Erstwhile Fairy Tales series! Erstwhile faithfully adapts many of the lesser known Grimm’s fairy tales into gorgeous full color comics.

The book will be over 200 pages collecting the final nine stories as well as a short BONUS tale not published on the website; The Singing Springing Lark, King Thrushbeard, The Wolf & the Man, The Twelve Huntsmen, Sweetheart Roland, The Ungrateful Son, The Leftovers, The Wolf & Seven Kids, Mother Holle, and The Golden Key. It will also include lots of extra art and illustrations.

The three of us worked on the series for eight years and are incredibly proud of the work we produced. Fairy tales hold a special place in our hearts and have influenced us greatly in our works. We are proud to share these stories that give us so much joy with all of you.

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