Ever After: A Cinderella Story is a sweet little movie from 1998 that features Drew Barrymore as the cinderella character, Anjelica Huston as the cold, underhanded stepmother, and Dougray Scott as the prince who is quickly smitten and inspired by cinderella.

Admittedly, this is a movie I was determined to overlook when it first premiered in the movie theaters as it came off as a “chick flick” sort of thing. It was only thanks to my younger sister dragging me along that I did not miss this jewel of a film.

The tale of Cinderella does not always involve a fairy godmother though that has become the standard in its telling. In this retelling, our cinderella is named Danielle DeBarbarac and she is a strong woman for the time she lives in. The stepmother is equally a strong character, but does not have Danielle’s kindness to accompany it. The movie gives a lot of depth to the characters and makes it easy for the audience to fall in love with them. There’s a lot of heart in it, both felt through the script and the actors. However, the movie does not come off as overly sappy which had been my original fear. Instead, it plays just enough humor to keep the story fun for everyone… even the guys. I think one of my favorite lines in the film comes from the prince’s father when he is at his wits end with his son’s general disinterest in his world. “I shall simply deny you the crown and live… forever.”

If I had to really complain about anything is the accents given to the characters. They specifically set the story in France, yet they all speak with British accents. Though that is really a very small nitpick. The story itself is meant to be historical fiction with fiction being the key word, so it’s easy to overlook some things. The inclusion of Leonardo Da Vinci is admittedly a fun inclusion. And I have to say the costumes are gorgeous in this movie. I want all the dresses! So, yes, it’s worth a look and available on Blu-ray!