The Farmer’s Clever Daughter is one of my favorite lesser known tales by the Brother’s Grimm and the story that inspired me to start the Erstwhile series. This story introduces some very rare aspects of fairy tales; a clever, self-sufficient female lead, no magical elements at all to help or hinder her, and very little violence.

As with many fairy tales, the main characters are not given names, which is okay with me. I love to research name meanings for my characters. Velinda’s name is an Ancient Germanic expression meaning “Crafty.” Very fitting for the clever daughter. The king’s name is Lennart which is also Ancient Germanic name and means “Lion strength.” It seemed like a nice strong name for a king.

If you’ve read my other comics, you’ll have noticed big changes in the art and coloring style in this story compared to my other works. I went for a very storybook-ish feel, using a brush pen and no rulers for the line work. I do hope you like it!