Fairy Tales have captured our hearts for generations, appealing to our taste for adventure, horror, and romance. Erstwhile gives the lesser-known Grimm’s Tales the spotlight in these delightful adaptations.

You will find at this site a variety of fairy tales that rarely get told by three talented comic artists. Each creator brings their own flair and style to the adaptations. What you will not find are watered down or censored stories. We are telling the tales as they were told in the original source material. We will not change the endings to make them happy or less tragic. We are not in the business of making all stories a happily ever after. You have to remember, getting a real “fairy tale ending” is not always a pleasant thing for all involved.

Q: What days do you update this comic?
A: We currently update two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays.

Q: Who creates this comic?
A: There are three comic creators involved in this project; Gina Biggs, Louisa Roy, and Elle Skinner. Each of the three artists take turns adapting and illustrating the Grimm tales into comic form.
- Gina Biggs is the creator of Red String and a bunch of other comics.
- Louisa Roy is the creator of Velharthis and Queen of Hearts.
- Elle Skinner is the creator of Missing Monday and The Littlest Elle.

Q: Are you planning to do more popular tales like Cinderella or Snow White?
A: No, there there are no immediate plans to adapt those stories. The Erstwhile project was created because we want to illustrate the lesser-known fairy tales.

Q: Are you planning to do non-Grimm fairy tales?
A: No, there there are no plans to adapt those stories. There are over 300 Grimm tales so there is a lot of material for us to use at this point.

Q: Do you take requests for what stories you adapt?
A: No, we do not take requests. Sorry!

Q: Can I link to your site?
A: YES, please do! We would be delighted if you shared your enjoyment of this site with others. We have some nifty banners made up for you to use, if you like.

Q: Do you do link exchanges?
A: Maybe. If your site has something to do with fairy tales, folk tales, or mythology we’re more than willing to consider.

Q: Can I send you fan art?
A: Yes. We would be most flattered to receive it!

Q: Can I review your comic for my zine/magazine/online site?
A: The more exposure for the comic, the better! If you would like to review a story (or the series as a whole), please feel free. We only ask that you write an email and let us know where we can read it.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You may email us here: gina@strawberrycomics.com