Dear readers, I know you are very excited to be reading this fairytale, but PLEASE be careful about posting spoilers in the comments section. If the sheer amount of spoilers keep getting posted we will have to temporarily turn off comments until this particular story concludes, so as to not spoil readers who are unfamiliar with the tale (and prefer to be for the element of surprise while reading our comic).

Also, just a head’s-up. We will be switching to a Monday & Thursday update schedule for the rest of the summer. We have hit convention season and Louisa and Elle will be running around in between working on the comic. And, of course, Gina is pregnant and due in late August.

Elle will be at Fanime in San Jose, CA at Artist Alley table #17. She will have one-shot minicomics, prints, on-site commissions, a limited number of Erstwhile books, and a select number of original pages from Erstwhile for sale (such as some of the watercolor pages from Death of the Little Hen)!

Louisa will be at Anime North in Toronto, Canada at the Comic Market. She will have copies of her Zelda fan comics, prints, and possibly copies of Erstwhile books!