So, a lot of readers have been asking for what’s coming up next in our fairytale lineup here at Erstwhile. Louisa, Elle, and I are so very happy you are excited about more works from us! We have a list for you (though the order of the list might not necessarily be the order of appearance). We’re still working out the details on scheduling.

+ The Singing Springing Lark –by Elle (This one is up next!)

+ Doctor Know-it-all –by Gina

+ King Thrushbeard — by Louisa

+ The Twelve Huntsmen –by Elle

+ Jorinda and Joringel –by Gina

UPDATE: Erstwhile vol.1 is available on Gumroad as a digital download. You can now purchase a DMR-free PDF version of the first book collection to read on your computer or other electronic device!